Sound Salon Musicians

Season 12

This 2024-2025 season we are bringing thoughtfully programed performances to diverse, intimate venues at a wider variety of times, and all our concerts are pay-as-you-wish ensuring everyone in our community can experience the joy of music.

How to Subscribe to the Season:

All concert seats (Benaroya Hall & Salon Series) are open at all suggested Pay-As-You-Wish levels. Additional contributions can be made by donating here. Ticket sales only covered 14% of our costs last year, your support is vital!

Benaroya Hall Series

  • Get tickets for Benaroya Hall concerts as a series or individually online using the links below, or by calling the Benaorya Hall ticket office at (206) 215 4747.
  • To keep last season’s reserved seats you must call the Benaroya Hall ticket office to renew your subscription. This will include an additional processing fee. Reserved seats from last season are guaranteed until September 1st, 2024.

Salon Series

  • All other concerts are available as a build-your-own series or individually using the links below.
  • Contribute based on your means or use our suggested levels and pick your concerts.
General admission ticketing for all concerts begins on July 1st, so book early for the best chance to secure your spot at these intimate venues!

Questions: email or call (360) 525-3459

Salon Series

Various locations

Benaroya Hall Series

Individual Concerts

Vivaldi Extravaganza

Sunday November 3, 2024  –  Benaroya Hall 7:00 pm

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Spanish Baroque

Thursday November 7, 2024  –  Royal Room 7:30 pm

Saturday November 9, 2024  –  Epiphany Chapel 4:00 pm

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Jewish Diaspora

Saturday December 28, 2024  –  Benaroya Hall 7:00 pm

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Before Bach

Saturday February 15, 2025   –  Epiphany Church 7:00 pm

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Neighbor Spotlight – Early Music Seattle Presents:

Virtuosity at Home

Friday March 14, 2025  –  Location: TBD 7:30 pm

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Four-hand Folk

Guest Curator: Joseph Williams
Saturday April 5, 2025  –  Good Shepard Center 7:00 pm

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Queer Baroque

Friday May 30, 2025  –  Royal Room 7:30 pm

Saturday May 31, 2025  –  Good Shepard Center 4:00 pm

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Byron Schenkman & Friends is now

Sound Salon

Byron Schenkman · Artistic Director

Sound Salon

Online Concert Library

Visit our YouTube channel to enjoy our library of free online concerts.

Byron Schenkman - portrait photo

Welcoming Statement

Sound Salon welcomes people of all ages, races, abilities, genders, and sexual identities.  Please join us to enjoy music and connect with old and new friends.

Black Lives Matter

Sound Salon’s vision is “to build a diverse and inclusive community through historically informed chamber music performances that welcome, engage and inspire.” We are committed to fostering a stage where artistry from all backgrounds is nurtured, shared, and valued.


Your donations allow us to present thoughtfully programed performances.


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