As we discover new ways of moving forward together, we’re pleased to announce our Eighth Season Digital Concert Series. Join us online as we share the gift of all-new concerts, familiar faces, and artistically excellent music with our community.

We recently filmed for two days at Epiphany Parish of Seattle with collaborators Ronald Haight, Bill Levey, Wes Johnson, and musicians Joshua Romatowski, Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman.

In the words of our Creative Producer, Rebecca Richards-Diop, “The filming for our first concert of the season, Bach & Musical Offerings, went tremendously well! Everyone left feeling buoyant and confident about all the footage we gathered. There is a lot of beautiful video work as well as sound, of course. Josh’s playing was gorgeous and the set looks very lush!”

BS&F is especially excited to share this first digital concert with our audience–to listen to beautiful music together as we watch our community grow.

Please enjoy in “your own private chambers.”

Bach & Musical Offerings Digital Concert Filming, 2020