Published 2021 – We are beginning our “global listening” challenge this month. We encourage you to join in! One way is to tell your friends about the November concert, A Romantic Portrait: Luise Adolpha Le Beau, premiering Sunday November,13 2022 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, and send them the link for the concert.

Another way to do this is to organize watch parties for the concert. We’ve done the research so that you can reach out to your friends and family world-wide to invite them to your own watch party!

How to start your own Zoom “Watch Party:”

Our audience is diverse; we recognize that the following level of detail is not needed by everyone. 

  1. Go to the Byron Schenkman & Friends YouTube channel and queue up the concert you want to play.
  2. Start a Zoom meeting and email or text the meeting link to as many people as you want. (If you need info on how to start a Zoom meeting you can find that here.
  3. At the bottom of the Zoom Screen, look for the option to Share Screen (a small black UP arrow on a green background) and click on it.  A small screen will pop up to let you select which application you want to share. Select the window for the concert premiere. 
  4. But wait! Before you click the blue Share button in the lower right hand corner, look for two checkboxes in the lower left corner of the sharing options tab. There you will see options to “Share computer sound” and “Optimize screen sharing for video clip.” Make sure both boxes are checked. Now click Share and you’re set.
  5. The host can adjust the volume on the video player itself to make it easier to hear the other participants for video chat during the concert premiere. You can also join the live chat on our YouTube channel if you are logged in to the YouTube App on your device.

Remember that while our current season concerts are premiering online, you can also watch previous concerts from this season online, which gives you the opportunity to host your own Zoom “Watch Party” at your convenience. The online premiere events and concerts are currently available for free as our gift to you.

We are all about cultivating a global community and this is a wonderful way to create it. Especially since people may be celebrating the holidays separately, this is an opportunity to bring people together through music. We hope our audience represents every state in the country, and on a larger scale, each continent on the planet. And as always, thank you to our generous donors who make these concerts possible!