Why donate to Byron Schenkman & Friends?

As Byron Schenkman & Friends celebrates its 10th Anniversary Season, your donation will ensure BS&F can continue to build an increasingly inclusive and diverse community with thoughtfully programmed performances into its second decade. 

BS&F lives by its values:

Showing care and appreciation for artists, audience, staff, and volunteers. 
  • BS&F is dedicated to continuing its pandemic-inspired series of unique online performances. These FREE online original concerts are for all and especially for those unable to attend concerts in-person for whatever reason: health concerns, location, or cost. 
  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) are given to musicians & staff every year. Musicians are paid half the agreed-on fee if unable to play due to COVID.
  • Regular-priced tickets are under $50. Ticket prices have not changed since the Sixth Season (2018/2019) when we increased the prices so we could increase artist pay.
Committing ourselves to equity, inclusivity, and egalitarian relationships.

In BS&F’s 10th Season:

  • More than 59% of performers are People of the Global Majority (African American, Hispanic / Latino, Asian / Pacific Islander, American Indian / Alaskan Native, and other non-white backgrounds) 
  • More than 59% of performers are women.
  • More than 42% of pieces performed are by women composers and more than 70% of our scheduled events include  compositions by women.

Equality-Diversity-in-Concert Halls 2020-2021 Study
Classical fM Article about the study

Relating our work to history and to the social realities of our time.

MARCH – “Women of the Baroque” a program dedicated to some of the best vocal and instrumental chamber music of the Baroque era composed by women. 

OCTOBER – Season 10 anniversary celebrations opened with an invitation for audiences to participate in a fresh musical experience. Antonio Vivaldi’s beloved “Four Seasons,” was interspersed with stories from the Yakama tradition by scholar and master storyteller Dr. Michelle Jacob of the Yakama Nation.

We need your support

You can make your tax-deductible donation on Tuesday, November 29, as part of Giving Tuesday, or at the end of the year if that is when you make your gifts. Your donation will help BS&F continue to present thoughtfully programmed performances that welcome, engage, and inspire.  

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