Sound Salon 2023-2024 Online Concert Series Premiere: French Harpsichord Salon

Sound Salon "French Harpsichord Salon" online premiere Sunday, October 29, 2023

Artistic Director and harpsichordist Byron Schenkman shares some of their favorite keyboard music of the 18th century in a special online concert premiering on the Sound Salon YouTube channel on October 29, 2023 at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Following the virtual concert premiere, a Q&A hosted on Zoom with Byron Schenkman and harpsichord builder Craig Tomlinson will be open to all. 

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This online concert is available free of charge to all, with no paywall and no subscription requirements. Sound Salon’s Season 11 virtual concerts will remain available online throughout the season and beyond, as will all past online concerts. 

About the repertoire featured in French Harpsichord Salon Schenkman notes: “18th-century Paris was a center of salon culture, with some of the highest-level music making happening in people’s homes. The private nature of these performances allowed otherwise marginalized composers to showcase their work. In this context we are able to hear music by women such as Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre and Marie-Emmanuelle Bayon as well as music by the black violinist/composer Joseph Bologne.” 

This exciting program will be performed on a French harpsichord built by Craig Tomlinson, and modeled after a 1769 original by Pascal Taskin. Byron Schenkman remarks “I love French harpsichord music because French composers really luxuriated in the gorgeous sounds that are possible on a good French harpsichord. Other keyboard music often seems to be written in spite of the limitations of the instruments, whereas this repertoire really allows the best qualities of the instruments to shine. It is music which feels good to play and, I think, can be very satisfying to hear.” 

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