Before Bach

Saturday February 15, 2025 7:00 PM
Epiphany Church

Anna Okada, violin

We are delving into the expressive and experimental world of 17 th -century European music with works for strings and harpsichord by Heinrich Biber, Johann Kaspar Kerll, and Carlo Farina (his “Capriccio Stravagante”), plus instrumental arrangements of 16 th-century madrigals by Maddalena Casulana. All of this will be framed by new works from the Karuk tradition shared with us by Breanna McCullough and her community.

“When I visualize the incorporation of Indigenous music into the realm of art music, I think of the dialogues, histories, and rich perspectives that happened during the intersections of musical exchange.”

– Breanna McCullough, violist, karuk tribal member, ucla doctoral candidate on indigenous representation in early music


Anna Okada


Reynaldo Patiño


Breanna McCullough


Elisabeth Reed


Byron Schenkman



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“Thank you Sound Salon for such a wonderful healing evening of LIVE music. The traditional Karuk songs touched my heart. Thank you Breana, Byron, Anna, Reynaldo, and Elisabeth for your artistry, kindness, and generosity.”

– Ben Black, audience member for 23/24 concert “baroque meets karuk” 


Notes on the Program

By Byron Schenkman

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