December 10, 2023
7:00 PM
Online Premiere

Klezmer Classics

Byron Schenkman - portrait photo

Russian Jewish violinists at the turn of the 20th century created a new musical language combining the latest trends in classical music with traditions of the Eastern European Klezmer. Featuring violinist Steve Greenman, Gretchen Yanover, and pianist Byron Schenkman with works by Joseph Achron, Joel Engel, and others. 

“Steven Greenman is a poet of the fiddle… when he plays, the landscape of the Jewish shtetl and the Hasidic courts comes to life”

– Janusz Makuch, Director, Jewish Culture Festival (Krakow, Poland)

Steven Greenman


Gretchen Yanover


Byron Schenkman



Joel Engel:

Two Pieces, op. 20

Lazare Saminsky:

Hebrew Rhapsody

Joseph Achron:

Arrangement of Schumann op. 66, no. 4

Joel Engel:

Mazurka, op. 12, no. 3


Bar Mitzvah Nigun

Steven Greenman:

Sholem dobriden
Concert Kaled

Leo Zeitlin:

Eli Zion

Joel Engel:

Freylechs, op. 21

“Guest artist for the night was the marvelous pianist, Byron Schenkman…. his virtuosity, mercurial range and power were all showcased beautifully throughout the evening”

– Carolyn Gregory, Stylus Magazine, Boston

Notes on the Program

By Byron Schenkman

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